About Us

Manette Kid's Preschool

Mission Statement

​The mission of Manette Kid's Preschool is to provide children in our community with the opportunities to grow cognitively, physically, socially and emotionally. We honor childhood and the need for play and promote a love of learning. We aim to inspire your children to think creatively and inspire them to achieve their dreams!

We offer a high-quality and developmentally appropriate program that is built upon a partnership between the child, teacher and family.

We offer organic and healthy snacks as we believe children need a variety of high-quality, nutritious food. Many preschools try to cut their costs by buying the “cheap stuff,” however, we do not believe that is in the best interest of your child. We believe that healthy eating habits should start early to prepare your child for a lifetime of success.

We use natural and green cleaning products to ensure that no one is exposed to harmful chemicals.

Currently we are following the CDC and DOH guidelines for cleaning and safety measures.



​We use a combination of Montessori, Reggio and Creative Curriculum as our inspirations for planning and implementing a developmentally appropriate program. It's effectiveness in helping children acquire social competence and the skills they need to succeed as learners has been a success!

The Creative Curriculum incorporates careful attention to the design of the environment with a focus on interest areas, developmentally appropriate practices, purposeful planning and accurate assessment of learning outcomes. Partnered with our inspiration of Reggio Emilia, we emphasize play-based, hands-on learning with our children. 

We highly incorporate Montessori inspired curriculum throughout much of our intentionally laid out classroom as well as using Learning Without Tears curriculum, which is fun, multi-sensory and research based to develop skills and teach correct letter formation. 

Enrichment Classes in the Arts

There are so many developmental benefits of the Arts. It helps children's motor skills, language development, decision making skills, visual learning, inventiveness and cultural awareness.  Exposure to the mediums of Art helps children discover their world, create new ideas and express themselves in a different way. We love to see this cultivated and believe early access to these opportunities are highly beneficial and that children learn best from these types of experiences and opportunities.

Your child will enjoy and learn from amazing teachers who are gifted in teaching classes such as Music, Yoga, Creative Movement and Art.  



We have added a new Afternoon Kindergarten Class with a Certified Kindergarten Teacher!! 

We will be following the Learning Essential Guidelines for Kindergarten requirements for entrance to first grade along with our Montessori inspired Kindergarten Curriculum. We will also be using our Learning without Tears program for Kindergarten.

Play is Important!
​Yes, children at Manette Kid's Preschool do play a lot! While engaged in self-selected play, so much learning is happening.

The best preschool teaching practices make the most of children's natural inclination to play. What's more, you don't have to choose between academic learning and enjoyable play experiences for your child.
​It is very important to us that when you pick up your child and ask what they did today, their first response is "I played". Our staff is trained to creatively mold play situations so that they lead to the acquisition of specific skills.

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